University of Washington Licenses Cannabinoid-Based Compound to Pascal Bioscience

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In another historic first for advancing research into the uses of cannabis for pharmaceutical purposes, the University of Washington (UW) has entered into a deal with Canadian-based Pascal Biosciences.

Negotiated by CoMotion, UW’s incubation group, the partnership involves UW licensing a cannabinoid-based compound, ST-403 (ST) for use in various pharma products. The group expects to enter clinical trials in 2019 to look at how this compound may be utilized in cancer treatment.

ST-403 was developed at the UW by professor of pharmacology and psychiatry Dr. Nephi Stella, head of Stella Lab and founder and co-director of the UW Center for Cannabis Research.


Stella first became interested in the medical applications of cannabinoids in 2000, shortly after beginning his work at the UW. His interest was piqued by a paper documenting the inhibitory effects of THC on brain tumor growth, specifically glioblastoma multiforme and melanoma metastases, two forms of cancer for which few treatments currently exist.

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