U.S. Surgeon General Supports Cannabis Drug Reclassification

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Add United States Surgeon General Doctor Jerome Adams to the list of experts advocating for the reclassification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug in order to ease up U.S. researchers access to the materials needed to conduct studies. The Surgeon General is one of many who believes that the current United States classification of cannabis is delaying research and also preventing the country from taking full advantage of the growing marketplace for cannabis and its derivatives.

At the close of 2018, the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams made a bold move, and called on the federal government to rethink marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I substance. While the Surgeon General did not go so far as to condone legalization for recreational use, he did say that medically, marijuana should be studied like any other pain relief drug and that both health and criminal justice policies need to be re-examined as they pertain to cannabis drug classification.

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