Still Much to Learn From Medical Research Into Cannabis Treatment Scenarios

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Dr. M-J Milloy holds the inaugural post of Canopy Growth Professor of Cannabis Science at the University of British Columbia. He says there’s still so much research needed to confirm our beliefs about the effects of cannabis on human subjects. Dr. Milloy is interested to see if cannabis offers treatment potential for counteracting the ongoing Opioid crisis, which is a significant problem throughout Canada and the United States. More research is needed, he says:

“Cannabis research has been hindered due to prohibition and regulations for scientists possessing cannabis or administering it to patients,” noted Milloy, who hopes that Canada’s decision to legalize cannabis last October will benefit the scientific community by ensuring that participants in upcoming studies are protected from prosecution for using cannabis.

Dr. Milloy says that the stigma around using cannabis and conducting cannabis medical research has to be reduced in order to continue making progress in these various realms for medical scenarios in which cannabis-derived products might be used or recommended. 

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