Many Asian Countries Reconsidering Approach to Medical Cannabis Research

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According to a recent article published on Nikkei Asian Review, several Asian countries are taking another look at the prospects for conducting cannabis medical research in their respective countries. 

For example, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha (already a supporter of medical cannabis) was presented with a proposal for guidelines for medical cannabis research within the country — a plan that could be approved and put into place in the next few months. 

The government of Malaysia has also shown signs that they are re-evaluating the official stance towards cannabis use nationwide, including capital punishment for those convicted of cannabis possession. 

Singapore, a country known for strict drug laws, has approved medical research into synthetic cannabinoids as part of a $25 million synthetic biology and research program. 

For more information on how other countries in Asia are approaching the medical cannabis research landscape, read the full article here.

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