Cannabis Research Initiative aims to collect data on impact of cannabis in LA (Daily Bruin)

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This just in via the Daily Bruin — an update on the efforts of the UCLA-based Cannabis Research Initiative:


As marijuana becomes increasingly popular in Los Angeles, UCLA researchers are studying the drug’s potential benefits and risks.

Jeffrey Chen, the executive director of the Cannabis Research Initiative, said the initiative is collecting data on variables that might be affected by cannabis legalization, such as crime, alcohol and opioid consumption, high school graduation rates and traffic accidents. The Cannabis Research Initiative plans to start collecting data from LA County and then eventually regions throughout California.


“The purpose of this is to establish a baseline snapshot and see how these variables change over time and how much of it might be due to cannabis legalization,” Chen said.

Read the full story in the Daily Bruin and the work that Jeffrey Chen, Executive Director of the Institute has been leading in this important initiative. 

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