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Company mission

Lack of high-quality product availability was the concern for cannabis uses. Local suppliers have failed to provide high-quality products. Our company has launched its operations to solve this problem. We ensure that you get high-quality cannabis products without any adulteration.

Company Offerings

A good dispensary must provide a variety of products so it can work as a one-stop for purchasing all the weed products. The herb centre ensures that you get all the types of Marijuana products.


Flowers and buds have the highest concentration of active THC compounds. If you want to smoke weed, it is better to get flowers. You will find many flowers based weed products here. Some companies are making adulterated products and mixing other parts of the plant with flowers and buds. When you purchase from our company, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product.


The chemical extraction techniques are used on the plant. The parts of the plant are mixed with the extracting solution. All biologically active compounds will enter the extracts. Once the extraction is complete, the solution can be absorbed in different products to make the extract.


Some people are allergic to smoke. They want to get the benefits of the weed. According to one theory, smoke can be dangerous for the health of the person. It is the reason some people like to use vapes instead of direct weed smoke. Some people think that vapes are much safer. We have different types of vapes available.


Some people are against taking the smoke of cannabis in the lungs. These people like edibles. Edible cannabis is considered less potent as compared to inhaled one. When you eat cannabis, it will go into your intestine and get absorbed there. Before reaching the brain and all body, it passes through the liver. When the liver degrades some of the biological compounds, it is called the first-pass effect. We have a range of edible products. These should only be preferred when you do not want to smoke.

Different plant strains

Apart from the types of products, there are different strains of plants that are used to make products. The most famous plant strain is Cannabis sativa. The other strain is Cannabis Indica. Cannabis sativa has more hallucinogenic THC compounds as compared to Cannabis Indica. There is one hybrid strain that contains even more hallucinogenic compounds. If you want a product that is made from any of these strains specifically, you can find it in our store.

Company Programs

Our company provides an affiliate program that can give you a commission for selling our products. To start getting your commission, you can apply to an affiliate account. Once we receive all the required details, your account will be approved in very little time. If you refer your friends, you will get the commission. We will create a link for you that you can use to refer people to the store. You will get a commission in the form of money or store credits. When you log in to your account, you will be able to see the live details of people coming to buy products from your referral link. Our program is different than other companies because we allow you to get a commission within 30 days of someone clicking your link. Our system will remember the device that came from your link. If they purchase anything within 30 days, you will get the commission.

The process of purchasing

Most of the companies will ask you a lot of details before giving you Cannabis products. The herb centre company has a simple four-step procedure.

Account creation

When you want to buy a Cannabis product from your company, it is going to be the first step. You can give some details about yourself. It is a single sign up page so you can easily make your account.

Product selection

Product selection can either be the first step or the second step in getting your Cannabis product. When you will reach the website, you can directly go and make your account or you can select the products before account creation. If you have created your account, you have to select the products and go to the checkout page. 


After you have completed the checkout, you will get an option to pay using a credit or debit card. Our company is special because we accept credit cards. Once we get the payment details, we will ship the products to your address.


It can be considered the final step of getting the products. After you have paid, you have to wait for a few days. We have selected the fastest company for delivering products to you. The delivery guy will come to you. You have to sign a receiving and you will get your products.