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Ojai Energetics, an ethics-driven health and wellness lifestyle company based in serene Ojai, California. We strive to bring ancient healing products to new life with modern innovation. With our uncompromising quality and affordability, we provide people a dependable bridge to optimal living.

Ojai Energetics is grounded in spirit, nature, and science. Through our dedicated team of industry leaders and unwavering holistic standards for purity, Ojai Energetics provides the highest quality, cutting edge, science-driven products to the public. Our innovative CBD Biologix hemp oils, the only Full Spectrum Organically Water Soluble CBD on the market with Patented technology.

Ojai Energetics thrives in providing products to round out the complete solution-based company for achieving optimal physical and spiritual health. Our R Essential Oils are 22 custom formulated oils. We are one of the only essential oils companies that includes ORMUS for superior energy. When paired with our CBD oil blends, our essential oils provide added levels of heightened physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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