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JMCC is the premier provider of Jamaican medical cannabis to the world. We combine the country’s natural, year-round growing climate and distinctive cannabis types with an unswerving commitment to international quality standards. We deliver superior products via state-of-the-science cultivation, quality assurance, testing, processing, packaging, warehousing and global distribution.

Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation is a fast-growing company with corporate offices in Toronto, Canada and Lucea, Jamaica, and a global warehousing, logistics and transportation network.

JMCC is:
– Led by an international team of proven, successful entrepreneurs and business builders
– Working with and supporting a carefully selected Farmers’​ Collective
– Partnering with individual experts and organizations who share our vision and mission
– Dedicated to building successful, long-term relationships with licensed producers, bioceuticals and other medical cannabis providers worldwide
– Committed to building jobs, entrepreneurial and international business skills, and social development capacity in Jamaica by helping to develop a prosperous, sustainable medical cannabis industry

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