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HYGIA Nutrients, Inc., was founded by accomplished scientists committed to supplying the growing demand for phytocannabinoids in the most bioavailable forms possible. We have focused on the applied science needed for maximizing the benefits of phytocannabinoids and other associated super nutrients.

Our Concentrates are sourced from agricultural hemp. We proudly make all of our products in the USA.

The demand for products containing specific Cannabinoids is intense, global, and rapidly increasing. In fact, demand greatly exceeds current reserves. Consequently, most of what’s available is substandard in quality; or, questionable at best.

HYGIA Nutrients will supply the growing worldwide demand for phytocannabinoids with standardized products that meet or exceed our consumer’s needs for quality and consistency. This commitment will position HYGIA Nutrients as the world leader in cannabinoid standardization and quality.

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