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Jason Matthys, founder of Equilibrium Genetics, has a background in cannabis policy activism. Originally from Woodridge, Virginia, he experienced the injustices of the War On Drugs firsthand. This influenced him to become involved in the cannabis movement where he founded a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at his local community college and organized political and educational events in northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

He is a former organizer of the D.C. Marijuana March and a recipient of SSDP’s Outstanding Activist Award in 2010. That same year he moved to Oakland, California where he worked at Harborside Health Center and was featured in cannabis documentaries on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, British Broadcasting Corporation, and in radio and print media.

After starting Equilibrium Genetics, Jason began organizing the cannabis movement in Santa Cruz County to defend the rights of patients and cultivators resulting in a local referendum to overturn a cannabis cultivation ban.

Since then Equilibrium Genetics has grown into one of the largest and best known cannabis genetics companies in the state of California. They continue to adhere to their mission of providing high quality cannabis genetics of diverse varieties to Californians.

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