U.S. Based Christian products companies investing in CBD

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This recent Fox Business article focuses on the proliferation of Christian products companies in the United States that are also incorporating CBD consumer products into the mix, all with a Biblical twist, of course. According to the piece:

Adam Swanson, a Murfreesboro, Tenn.-based pastor, took a leap of faith when he decided to start farming hemp, a cash crop for his budding CBD business. He sells tinctures, candies, capsules and beauty products made from Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating chemical component in marijuana that doesn’t get users high like THC. It’s said to help with everything from chronic pain and anxiety to insomnia, diabetes and menstrual cramps.

Using the Bible to destigmatize CBD to Christian consumers is the latest way entrepreneurs are breaking into the multi-million dollar industry. The ubiquitous ingredient can be found in everything from coffee and candy, to makeup and spa products. The stuff is advertised on cocktail menus, at hotel mini bars and in pet products. It’s been marketed to a high end Barneys and fitness studios like SoulCycle have started peddling CBD products. And CVS announced in March it would start selling CBD items in more than 500 stores. So it’s no surprise, marketing experts say, that Christian companies and Swanson are becoming for-profit prophets of CBD.

“Referring to the Bible or using scriptural verses on product packaging is a savvy marketing technique that serves to legitimize a product that may seem taboo or strange,” Kira Ganga Kieffer, a doctoral candidate in religious students at Boston University who specializes in American religious history and pop culture, said.

Read full article in Fox Business of all places.

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