New Study: Research grade cannabis supplied by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is genetically divergent from commercially available Cannabis

Abstract from the full report on the study conducted: Public comfort with Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) has recently increased, resulting in previously strict Cannabis regulations now allowing hemp cultivation, medical use, and in some states, recreational consumption. There is a growing interest in the potential medical benefits of the variousRead More →

North Bay Business Journal: As hemp medicines headed for CVS store shelves, Northern California cannabis topicals makers are unfazed

Meanwhile in California, this just in from the North Bay Business Journal: The announcement by the CVS pharmacy chain that it would begin to carry hemp-derived topical medicines could increase competition in the already crowded field of companies peddling wellness products based on the cannabis plant. CVS announced in MarchRead More →

Kentucky Hemp

This just in: A Kentucky company says it has developed hemp plants that don’t contain any THC. THC is the main psychoactive component in marijuana.  The announcement comes from GenCanna Global and University of Kentucky researchers. It’s being hailed as a breakthrough in the global hemp industry. State growers and processors have struggledRead More →

Cannabis Research Forum

Indiana, once a vibrant center of hemp growing prior to the 1970s, is lagging behind other states that are taking advantage of the apparent loosening of hemp laws throughout the United States. After years of hemming and hawing over the prospect of expanding hemp production to Indiana — and yearsRead More →