Cannabis Strength at First-Use Tied to Cannabis-Use Disorder (CUD) Progression

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Dr. Brooke J. Arterberry (Iowa State University in Ames) and colleagues have determined that onset of cannabis-use disorder (CUD) after first-use may be precipitated by the strength of the cannabis at the time of first use and further study is needed.

The likelihood of progressing from cannabis initiation to a first symptom of cannabis-use disorder (CUD) was 1.41 times higher for each 1% increase in the national average delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of cannabis (P<0.001)…

The researchers make the point that this early empirical data points to the need to conduct even more systematic studies that involve both existing data and also new research. This will also aid in crafting more effective and personalized treatment plans for people afflicted with CUD.

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Find the original study (“Higher average potency across the United States is associated with progression to first cannabis use disorder symptom“) here.

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