Canadian Cannabis Researchers Studying Medical Cannabis Effects Among Seniors

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Canada continues to lead the way in terms of applied cannabis research. The Ontario Long Term Care Association is embarking on a study of 500 seniors in the Ontario region to study the effects of cannabis use among seniors in long-term care.  The outcomes of the study will inform policy and procedures for care within the medical industry.

In British Columbia, Tilray is conducting another study around sleep and pain management around cannabis use for people over fifty years of age.

Canopy’s chief medical officer Dr. Mark Ware notes medical cannabis research tends to focus on childhood epilepsy and middle-aged people with chronic pain and spasticity.

“The elderly have not received a lot of attention and there’s good reason to think they may handle cannabinoids differently than would a younger person,” says the Montreal-based pain specialist, previously vice-chair of a federal task force that studied the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

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