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Cannabis Research Forum has a great write-up on what priorities the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has set for itself for 2019. “My hope is to continue building a best practice agency that Massachusetts can be proud of,” CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman told in a statement. Hoffman and the other four commissionersRead More →

Cannabis Research Forum

The website Rave Reviews published its rankings for CBD oil for pets. Apparently, more and more pet owners are asking their vets about the benefits of using CBD oil for their dog or cat vs. other types of pharmaceuticals frequently prescribed to treat health issues. Companies that were reviewed include:Read More →


Big news – the California Cannabis Advisory Committee has just released its annual report — the 2018 report contains 79 subcommittee recommendations and more. Download the PDF here:  In case you missed it, the California #Cannabis Advisory Committee’s 2018 Annual Report was published to our website earlier this week! The reportRead More →

The Biochemistry and Pharmacologic Properties of Cannabis-derived Terpenoids

Science writer Laura Elizabeth Lansdowne interviews cannabis researcher Ethan Russo, MD about the role of terpenes in cannabis composition. From the article: Terpenoids are responsible for the unique aroma of cannabis. These compounds are lipophilic, can permeate lipid membranes, and several are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier after inhalation.Read More →

The role in understanding the role that THC in pharmaceutical-grade cannabis plays in treating pain takes another step forward. The Regina Leader Post published an article about a recent study conducted in The Netherlands regarding pain mitigation for fibromyalgia patients. A study out of the Netherlands found that standardised pharmaceutical-grade cannabis withRead More →