Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Medical marijuana dispensaries bill passes Georgia House

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Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Georgia House approved a bill Tuesday that would allow medical marijuana oil to be sold to registered patients, giving them a legal way to obtain a drug that they’re already allowed to use.

The legislation, which passed on a 123-40 vote, would permit medical marijuana growing, manufacturing, testing and distribution. Sixty dispensaries would serve the state’s rising number of physician-approved medical marijuana patients — more than 8,400 so far. Marijuana would remain illegal for recreational use.

The measure, House Bill 324, now advances to the state Senate. Gov. Brian Kemp has previously saidhe’s open to “research-based expansion” of medical marijuana.

If approved, Georgia would join 31 states that already allow some form of marijuana cultivation, according to the Joint Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access, a group of lawmakers and stakeholders that recommended licensing marijuana growers, manufacturers and dispensaries.

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