Makers of Marlboro Weighing Entry Into Cannabis Marketplace

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According to a recent story in the Chicago Tribune, makers of Marloro cigarettes (Altria) are engaging in investment talks with Canadian-based Cronos Group. The story goes on to point out how legalization is widely sweeping the U.S., with Utah being the latest state to legalize medical cannabis.
Big corporations could help the cannabis market by funding research, standardizing products and providing distribution, said Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, the CEO of New Frontier Data, a cannabis research group. Right now, for example, there is no agreement on the dosage of CBD that should go into drinks or the rules for labeling. “There is a lack of visibility in this space when it comes to consumer products,” she said. But Stroud says the appearance of multinational corporations on the scene is chilling for many mom-and-pop marijuana growers, who won’t be able to make the transition from the counterculture to the corner office.
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