The Cannabis Research Forum (CRF) provides the cannabis industry the opportunity to both lead and set the agenda for cannabis science, safety, and innovation.

CRF is envisioned to be central marketplace and clearinghouse to bring together the scientific and medical communities with funders, businesses, consumers and regulators around facilitating community and a set of common standards and opportunities to navigate this evolving landscape.

As methods for producing, manufacturing and consuming cannabis are refined for both recreational and/or medical interventions, greater effort is needed to ensure consistent standards for measuring and evaluating quality, safety and efficacy.

San Francisco, Image Credit: Margaret Wallace. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Cannabis: A Global Research & Product Marketplace

Nik Modi, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, has stated the global-cannabis market could grow to more than $200 billion by 2032. Countries such as Canada are legalizing cannabis nation-wide and in the United States alone, there is sweeping legislation taking effect — ranging from full legalization (Washington, California, Colorado) to having some type of medical cannabis allowances in place (e.g., Illinois, New Jersey).

In light of the ever-shifting regulatory landscape on the municipal, state and national levels and in light of the legalization of cannabis for a variety of recreational and clinical purposes, navigating this complicated terrain requires constant vigilance.